The Art of Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Quite frequently in our daily lives, we hear phrases like Eco-living, organic living, natural consumption, go green, etc. But what do these words mean? What is the concept of eco-friendly natural life? You may find several answers to these queries on many social media websites. Some will satisfy you while other solutions will leave you questioning furthermore. To clear the misty cloud of confusion inside your head regarding organic lifestyle, through this article, you'll be able to discover and truly understand the real meaning of leading a natural lifestyle, its fundamental principles, and its countless benefits.

Fundamental Principals to Keep in Mind Before Switching to Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Leading an eco-friendly lifestyle can be achieved effectively when one understands the underlying fundamental principles of natural living.

  1. Build a Lifestyle That is As Close to Nature As Possible

The first most important key point is to build a life that is close to mother nature. You can achieve this by consuming foods and using products in their original organic form. Avoid the intake of processed canned food and chemicals filled products. To lead a natural lifestyle, you need to start utilizing things made by the hands of nature, not men.

  1. Preserve the Ecosystem

Taking care of Earth and the exceptional nature we are provided with should be the most primary responsibility of human beings. We need to stop exploiting nature through our excessive utilization of manufactured products. It is high time that we realize that the waste we produce is destroying life and leading to much alarming issue of global warming. Our toxic lifestyles and overconsumption of meat are causing many species of animals to extinction. Thus, we need to preserve our ecosystems for our own sake.

  1. Employ the Principles In Every Aspect of Our Daily Lives

The third and most important key point is to ensure that we employ the two above mentioned key points in every nook of our daily routine. Living a natural life means incorporating organic products in our diet or skin or even just shopping but every step of our regular days and nights. It is highly significant that we learn to live a conscious life in general.

Why Does it Matter to Lead a Non-toxic Organic Life?

If you are a keen searcher of non-artificial and natural life, then there must be a time where you would have questioned yourself concerning the need for leading such a careful, conscious lifestyle. Does it really matter if we choose to switch our chemicals filled lifestyle to a more natural one? Well, it surely does matter, and we need to make each other aware of the fact that our choice of life is not limited to ourselves, and it has a significant impact on our surrounding environment.

  1. Our Personal Health and Hygiene

Whatever we consume impacts the health of our body in both direct and indirect ways. Market products that are chemically processed have a considerable amount of toxins, artificial odor, phthalates, and triclosan that interact with our cells and hormones, causing problems like weakened immune systems, body fatigue, and skin damage, and many more. Hence, by leaning towards the usage of organic, nature provided pure products, we can save ourselves and our generations from these problems.

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  1. A Healthy Ecosystem

By limiting ourselves to organic consumption, we are contributing our part to the sustainability of the environment. Less utilization of commercial products means less pollution and less environmental damage. If we start living our lives as close to nature as possible, it will automatically bring down the high demand for commercially marketed products. Hence, our planet would be saved.

Play Your Part and Go Green

Here is how we all can play our part in saving ourselves, our future generations, and, most importantly, our nature.

  1. Eat Organically

You can achieve the goal of feeding your body organically by first buying things that are certified organic. When buying thinks like eggs and meat, make sure that it is certified organic, which means that the chickens were not fed with chemicalized feed and antibiotics. Similarly, you need to ensure that the milk your buying and the meat you are consuming are not from cattle fed with non-organic feed. Secondly, start buying locally and limit yourself to fruits, vegetables, and other products that are naturally available in your country. In this way, there would be less pressure on your economy to import food to satisfy the needs of its citizens that, in return, will automatically lead to less use of heavy transport and reduction of greenhouse gases.

  1. Use Organic / natural Skin Care Products

Searching for non-artificial organic skincare products can be a bit of a challenge. It is easier to choose organic food to consume, but it is much harder to use eco-friendly natural skincare products. To save yourself from this worry, the reader is suggested to check out Lovelique beauty shop is a natural skincare shop that offers an excellent opportunity to buy wide rage of natural and organic skincare products, which are free from harmful cosmetics ingredients. Another way to make sure that you are using safe skincare products is by checking the ingredients list before buying any product. I usually advise my online readers to subscribe to “The Environmental Working Group (EWG)” as they offer free information one can easily read online about the safety and skincare essentials.

  1. Transportation

Walking is the best way of transportation. Avoid using any means of mechanical transport when it can be avoided. Using gas releasing motorbikes and cars to cover the distance that can easily be covered by foot is a way of increasing unnecessary pollution. Secondly, try your best to make use of public transport. It helps in decreasing traffic, which in result reduces pollution. Even if you travel by your own car, try to use lead-free and eco-friendly fuels.

     4. Recycling

Recycling is another way to save the planet, by ensuring all your products usage are made from 100 % biodegradable materials, this is very important to saving the eco-system. Recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment structure. Harmful chemical substances and greenhouse gasses are released from rubbish in landfill area. Recycling facilitate to minimise the pollution caused by this waste. Recycling reduces the need for raw materials so that the rainforests can be preserved.

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Image: collected waste from the sea by John Cameron


We, as human beings, must take full responsibility for the preservation of our nature. We should always be thankful for the countless bounties the quality has provided us. In return for our life's favors, we must play our part to save the environment even if our part is a small one. After all, one bristle do not make up a brush! 

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